E-Commerce 2017: Building Your Brand Through SEO


For many people, search engine optimization or SEO is just like an icing on top of a cake, a decoration or ornament. However, this is not supposed to be the case, because SEO is an important ingredient in designing and building websites wherein it must be included in its foundations. SEO is very essential in building your brand. It is one factor that can tell in which direction your business is heading to.

Search engine optimization is a fundamental process applied in the process of web design using relevant key words commonly entered by users in the search bars of major search engines. By entering a word, phrase or a question, search engines generate results, and these results are presented in an order basing on the relevance of web content to the key words entered, and web content contains the title, body, links and profile of a business entity. As shown in studies, most online users rely on the first few pages for anything that they want to obtain, such as finding an information for research, entertainment, political events, sports, health and fitness, culture and tourism and others. Same principle also applies whether an online user wants to check the best of the best, like finding the best hotel, best dentist, best women’s bags, or best flower shop. Start building a quality brand here!

Indeed search engine results affects business, and if your website is not included in the first page or at least in the first three pages, then you lose your chance of acquiring more visitors, meaning you have poor traffic or on a few users are able to view your website. This is bad for your business. Search engine optimization is crucial in web design and in building your company’s reputation and your brand. If your website is just a few clicks away from the first page of search engine results, your website has a higher chance of being chosen and clicked every time. And why is that? It is because online users rely on the credibility and reliability of what search engines present. Research shows that consumers have a high trust rate for those that they see on the search engine results of the first few pages. It is a reflection of a website’s performance, reliability, legitimacy, product quality and customer service. Thus, giving your business a good reputation and your brand uplifted to a higher level every time. You can also learn more about SEO and web design by checking out the post at http://www.ehow.com/how_2005471_search-engine-optimization.html.

As you probably noticed among large companies or famous brands, they are always on top of major search engines. It is because they have invested in search engine optimization, and so they are building a quality brand. A quality brand built by their company efforts, along with SEO and web design. Know how to increase my website rankings here!


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